•   Firstly, this review is long overdue!! Better late than never, right? So where do I begin with Ty Counts and his firm, Apartment World?!?! My husband and I needed to relocate back home to the Greater Houston area around March 2018. We happen to be in MI at the time and so the challenge of finding the time to get to Houston before the move was a feat! We randomly searched for a locator and Ty popped up! From day ONE, Ty held our hand every step of the way and broke the science down to us when looking to get the best bang for our buck! Dude knows his stuff!!! You hear me!! Alongside being a guru at what he does, he was patient and made himself available at the drop of a dime!!! Might I also add that he is honest, trustworthy and he is incredibly hilarious!!!! We even reached back out to him for advice when renegotiating our lease, and yet again he case through like a BOSS with nuggets of wisdom!!! We will be looking move once again, and you already know who I'll be calling when the time comes! Ty and Apartment World... THANK YOU!!!

    thumb Marian O.

      Absolutely amazing what Ty can do for you! I was referred to him by a friend.. wasn't really wanting anyone's help finding a new place. Then Ty and I got in touch and he literally helped me find my place in less than 24 hours. Currently in my new place now and LOVING it! Wouldn't have even found my new place if it weren't for Ty! He really puts all his energy and knowledge into finding you your prefect home. Will most definitely will be using him when I move again.

    thumb Briana B.

      Ty was fantastic! I originally inquired about summer internship housing in the Houston area for my little sister. While what she needs is a bit of a unicorn situation and did not fall into what he had to offer, Ty still took the time to talk through the lay of the land, giving me suggestions on good areas, ones to avoid, and just advice in general because I know nothing about Houston. Super candid and very knowledgeable - I'd definitely reach out again if she ends up moving down there for school or suggest him to a friend.

    thumb Kristin R.

      Ty was a life saver. I moved to Houston for a new job, but because of the distance I was moving (several hundred miles), I didn't have much opportunity to visit apartment complexes. I tried looking online, but was unsuccessful. With my move date fast approaching, I decided to try an apartment locator. I picked Ty based upon his Yelp reviews. Let me tell you, his high rating is hard earned and well deserved. Within a few days, he had a list of apartments that met my needs (handicapped accessible, pet friendly, first floor) and an area that is safe, but within close distance to work and entertainment. It took me several hours to drive around and visit each place, but in one day, I found my future home.

    Ty walked me through the entire process, and has followed up with me on more than one occasion after the move. Hopefully it will be a long time before I have to move again, but when that time comes, he is the first person I am going to call.

    thumb Brian S.

      We had to find an apartment quickly as we were moving from California to Texas. I messaged him here and then called me. Ty interviewed me as far as what we want on an apartment, rent price range, area we were looking at, flood areas, etc.. Ty then sent us a list of several apartments in the area we wanted within reasonable distance of work. We pretty much leased the apartment sight unseen. After researching more online, we rented the apartment, flew in and then moved in. I highly recommend Ty.

    thumb C I.

      Ty is amazing. From my experience, most apartment locators just send an email with apartments that fit your criteria. Not Ty. He talks to you to find out what you're looking for and gets specific. Then he provides matches but he knows which management companies are not good so he removes the apartments with those companies so you never even see them. Have questions along the way? Just call and he picks up or calls you back soon after. This locator earns his money! And he can help with houses for lease or purchase too. Highly recommended!

    thumb Shari B.

      Apartment World was a miracle service for me and my roommate. Looking in a new area was difficult and budget was a major concern. Ty at Apartment World was awesome at loading us with information, resources and some great tools along the way that we will definitely utilize in the future. I think we had an advantage bc we began looking early and had some points of interest. Fair warning; I was very overwhelmed my the amount of resources sent to us initially via email but Ty was always available by phone and very responsive to our questions and concern when we finally narrowed down our choices. Cheers!

    thumb Emilia R.

      Ty was very professional and responsive. My husband and I needed a place quick and Ty provided a full list of apartments in our budget. Our situation was very unique since we were looking for a short term lease. Ty was able to accommodate our need with the individual apartment complex.

    thumb Priscilla J.

      Ty assisted me in locating apartments in Stafford/Sugar land and other areas I had mentioned to him. From the get go, he went above and beyond and sent me a listing very quickly and when a particular apartment did not respond, he faxed them on my behalf.
    I would recommend his professionalism and quick turn around time.

    thumb Ella B.
  •   We absolutely loved working with Ty to find the perfect apartment. Not only is he incredibly detail oriented and very informative, but he is also warm and friendly. He also works very hard to find everything you are looking for in an apartment. We just moved from Los Angles and Ty found us an apartment with a gas stove, in a great location, perfect size and the price point we wanted. We couldn't have made such a seamless move without him.

    thumb Davene T.

      I knew I wanted to move to Texas from out of state and I was looking into different places to see which would be the most appropriate fit for my family. There were so many more places than I ever thought there would be. It became overwhelming and in the some moments I even thought about reaching out to realtors or other services to get some help. I read some reviews and someone had mentioned Ty Counts from Apartment World. I ended up filling out the application, thinking really nothing of it and continuing my search for an apartment in Texas.

    Ty actually texted me and we got on a call where we talked about what my picks were, what was I looking for, and time frame. It was a super friendly conversation and he definitely got sassy at times. The conversation was enjoyable and I left that call having a better idea that it was a good thing to reach out to him (my first pick was in a seedy area, and me not being from the area, was nice to know). He ended up sending me a list of potential areas I'd be interested in, keeping in mind my budget and safety concerns. He also provided a map of the area where he thought would be the best bet and safe. My family and I went through the list and settled on like top 12 places. Then we got applying to places and let Ty know. While we were approved for the first place (seedy one) we decided against it based off the neighborhood map Ty had provided and I didnt like how they nearly took a month to confirm things. Plus their rates changes, but the website wasnt updated? The second place we applied we did get accepted but not for their Essential Housing Program rate, which would put us over budget so we chose not to go with them. The third place we applied to we were also accepted but they told us they would not have our unit ready and wanted us to take another unit that was more expensive. This was frustrating and I had communicated to Ty. He had recommended we send CMRRR letter to them to demand our deposit back as these individuals were unable to promise us our unit. Unfortunately we didnt get our money back from that place but ultimately we did decide to go with our current place. Ty did let us know that this place has a way better management!

    I highly recommend reaching out to Ty if youre in the process of applying to several places in the Houston area. It was so reassuring to have someone who had in depth knowledge of the area. Ty was extremely candid and communicative, very wiling to people and to help you find a place. Wen we finally signed all the necessary paperwork and such he cheered for us as well (he actually sent a video of him dancing, he has some moves for sure). He's a great guy. Plus, if you do end up finding a place, you could get a rebate offer which is pretty neat!

    thumb Afc N.

      I would 100% recommend to anyone that I know is moving or looking to move to the Houston area. I had about a 2-3 week time frame to relocate for my job and a friend gave Ty my number. He called me, we talked for roughly 45 minutes and the rest was history. I landed an awesome apartment within my budget thanks to Ty's recommendations. 12 out of 10, you rock Ty!!

    thumb Michael B.

      I have nothing but great things to say about Ty and Apartment World. He helped facilitate my move from NJ to Houston and provided comic relief during a stressful search process. He will give you his brutally honest opinion and match you with nothing but the best. You are being saved to the friends side of my contact list, Ty! Thank you

    thumb Nicole S.

      Ty helped me tremendously with finding an apartment in the area I wanted, even as the rental market became more hostile than ever before. Faced with one bedrooms costing upwards of $1400, Ty was able to find me clean, affordable housing in many areas including the Beltway, Stafford, & Rosenberg. He also sent me a crime map & helped me understand better the ins & outs of housing laws. He sent personal emails to the apartments that he compiled for me to see if they had available units. Truly, Ty chooses excellence in his work, & because of that, I was able to find a place I really like.

    A good reminder is that Ty (or any apartment locator) does not set rent prices & is merely searching FOR you. This seems to be a misconception among some negative reviews. The locating service is free &, unfortunately, actually obtaining housing is not. Ty is helpful, kind, & also sent a rebate check once I lived at my apartment for a bit. I definitely recommend utilizing his real estate savvy.

    thumb Kerry F.

      Ty has helped me find apartments, buy a house, and sell a house. In each case, he was amazing, going above and beyond, providing extensive info and data to help me make the right decisions.

    He's an expert in real estate, extremely knowledgeable about all the areas of Houston, as well as funny and cool to work with. I give him my highest recommendation and will absolutely work with him again on any real estate business. Thank you, Ty!

    thumb Jennifer K.

      1000/10 recommend using Ty to help locate your new home/apartment! I was so overwhelmed trying to find a nice, safe and affordable apartment moving to Houston for the first time. After one phone call with Ty, I gave him my preferences, location preference, and budget and he sent me a full list of apartments in the area that matched my criteria, with a map, and so much helpful info!! I was able to find my new home (that I am LOVING so far) from this list. It saved me soooo much time and stress not having to call around and search for hours online on my own and having no idea where to start. Give him a call!!

    thumb Camryn S.

      I love working with Ty. He is so helpful, kind, and just fun to talk to. He always goes the extra mile, even when he doesn't have to. Ty has an integrity that is hard to find these days. If you're looking for an apartment, Ty and his team will be your guide. Houston's apartment market is so overwhelming, you must have help to find the right place for the right price.

    thumb Jennifer H.

      Mr. Ty Counts is such a great advisor when looking into apartments. He is super helpful and informative. If you ever need help, he's your guy!

    thumb Lu P.