•   I have nothing but great things to say about Ty and Apartment World. He helped facilitate my move from NJ to Houston and provided comic relief during a stressful search process. He will give you his brutally honest opinion and match you with nothing but the best. You are being saved to the friends side of my contact list, Ty! Thank you

    thumb Nicole S.

      Firstly, this review is long overdue!! Better late than never, right? So where do I begin with Ty Counts and his firm, Apartment World?!?! My husband and I needed  to relocate back home to the Greater Houston area around March 2018. We happen to be in MI at the time and so the challenge of finding the time to get to Houston before the move was a feat! We randomly searched for a locator and Ty popped up! From day ONE, Ty held our hand every step of the way and broke the science down to us when looking to get the best bang for our buck! Dude knows his stuff!!! You hear me!! Alongside being a guru at what he does, he was patient and made himself available at the drop of a dime!!! Might I also add that he is honest, trustworthy and he is incredibly hilarious!!!! We even reached back out to him for advice when renegotiating our lease, and yet again he case through like a BOSS with nuggets of wisdom!!! We will be looking move once again, and you already know who I'll be calling when the time comes! Ty and Apartment World... THANK YOU!!!

    thumb Marian O.

      Apartment World  - TY :Magnificent man with dream houses in his palm....!!!!!!!!

    It was my pleasure to know Mr TY ,this guy is a really fantastic human I have met .He does his business based on trust & fidelity .My plan is to move from Boston to Houston .
    What makes him differ from other real estate agents is ,he spent time educating us rather than selling his thoughts .He is a unique person with strong values & great numerical ground work .

    All his recommendations were clinical & very professional in the approach .He comes with incredible knowledge ,please spend 15 to 20 minutes of your time patiently with him ,you will get  necessary education & awareness .
    He is a subject matter expert in this area & can solve client needs on time .

    He relies on data which is key for this success .I was fortunate to get his contact .Mr TY - All the best for your business & hope you serve millions of customers like me ..Kudos to your work ..!!!!!!!!


    thumb Rajarajan A.

      We absolutely loved working with Ty to find the perfect apartment. Not only is he incredibly detail oriented and very informative, but he is also warm and friendly. He also works very hard to find everything you are looking for in an apartment. We just moved from Los Angles and Ty found us an apartment with a gas stove, in a great location, perfect size and the price point we wanted. We couldn't have made such a seamless move without him.

    thumb Davene T.

      Ty assisted me in locating apartments in Stafford/Sugar land and other areas I had mentioned to him. From the get go, he went above and beyond and sent me a listing very quickly and when a particular apartment did not respond, he faxed them on my behalf.
    I would recommend his professionalism and quick turn around time.

    thumb Ella B.

      Ty was very professional and responsive. My husband and I needed a place quick and Ty provided a full list of apartments in our budget. Our situation was very unique since we were looking for a short term lease. Ty was able to accommodate our need with the individual apartment complex.

    thumb Priscilla J.

      Apartment World was a miracle service for me and my roommate. Looking in a new area was difficult and budget was a major concern. Ty at Apartment World was awesome at loading us with information, resources and some great tools along the way that we will definitely utilize in the future. I think we had an advantage bc we began looking early and had some points of interest. Fair warning; I was very overwhelmed my the amount of resources sent to us initially via email but Ty was always available by phone and very responsive to our questions and concern when we finally narrowed down our choices. Cheers!

    thumb Emilia R.

      I had no idea where to begin when I began my search. Ty was able to give me a method and explained it to me in a very down to earth manner. This really helped me get a rock solid apartment and I'm just really grateful for his kindness and his professionalism. Always a solid choice for your locating needs.

    thumb Stefan M.

      Ty was amazing. Could not have been a better experience working with him.  The entire process was smooth, quick, and hassle-free.  I highly recommend him if you're looking for an apartment or house anywhere throughout the Houston area, he has an incredible knowledge of the city.  I definitely plan on using Ty again next time.

    thumb Ben T.
  •   Ty is amazing.  From my experience, most apartment locators just send an email with apartments that fit your criteria.  Not Ty.  He talks to you to find out what you're looking for and gets specific.  Then he provides matches but he knows which management companies are not good so he removes the apartments with those companies so you never even see them.  Have questions along the way?  Just call and he picks up or calls you back soon after.  This locator earns his money!  And he can help with houses for lease or purchase too.  Highly recommended!

    thumb Shari B.

      I relocated from NYC to Houston 3 months ago and was feeling very overwhelmed when trying to search for an apartment site unseen!!! After reading the reviews I decided to give Ty a try and he was awesome, and just as promised I just received the rebate check in the mail!! He pays you when he gets paid from the apartment complex, so be patient!!
    I am already considering moving to another apartment complex in the next year and will definitely be contacting him!!!

    thumb Tasha L.

      I highly recommend using Ty when you are looking for an apartment in Houston. He is knowledgeable, friendly, and above all else helpful.

    thumb Miles M.

      Ty is great and very thorough. I came from the NYC area not knowing much at all about Houston, but Ty helped me choose a great, clean, luxury-style apartment within budget that I have been living in for the past 4 months and am very happy with.

    thumb Brittany C.

      Ty Ty Ty! Without Ty's help I probably wouldn't have a place to stay let alone an apartment I love at the right price. From my first phone call, Ty was easy to get ahold of and checked in at all steps of the apartment hunting process.

    After finding out my Galveston move was happening I called Ty at the urging of a friend. He had me set up with a list of AVAILABLE (key word) apartments within an hour or so. He has a great formula to get started within your budget. I signed my lease the next day thanks to Ty.

    Give him a call!

    thumb Bridget N.

      Very happy with my service with Ty. After using TWO realtors who were unresponsive or very slow with responding and who provided minimal support, I ended up finding Ty using Yelp.

    As someone who is moving to an area that I do not know, I appreciate Ty's help in painting a picture of Houston for me. Immediately, he spent one full hour on the phone with me and explained to me the apartment market in Texas, crime rates, and a plan of action. He also has a great rebate system where he pays you 20 percent after you sign an apartment.

    He also let me know that he would have his phone on him the day that I went searching for apartments, and that he would be available all day. Additionally, he responded to my emails in a timely manner. I ended up finding exactly what I was looking for- a safe, beautiful apartment in Houston within my budget.

    Overall- A+. I would recommend him without reservations.

    thumb Martha F.

      I would definitely recommend Ty !!! I needed a short-term lease in Houston for an internship, Ty was awesome through out the whole process. He responded quickly to my request with a list of apartments. (Another highly rated apt locator on Yelp did not even respond to my request when they found out I only needed a short term lease). I was not familiar with Houston at all, he helped me pick the perfect apartment, in a great location and in a very safe area. I completely forgot about the rebate, and it was a great surprise when I received the check in the mail. I will definitely use Ty again when I move back to Houston full-time.

    thumb Deanna G.

      Ty was very helpful with our move to Houston from Alabama. I didn't know much about the city or where to live and he explained what Houston was like so well that I felt like I had a pretty good grasp of what the houston neighborhoods were like without ever seeing them. I really didn't want to end up in a bad neighborhood and I didn't want to end up at an apartment complex that could care less about their tenants and Ty helped me steer clear of both of those. I would recommend Ty to anyone looking for an apartment especially if you are new to the city and know nothing about it.

    thumb Brooke H.

      Ty was recommended to me by a couple of friends. I was shocked to learn his services are FREE and he PAYS you a percentage of his commission once he gets his check from the management.
    I emailed Ty with a list of things I desired in an apartment as well as several things about myself that he would also have to factor in (price range, location, breed/weight of my dog). He called me within a day to discuss options as well as explain his parameters for the complexes he mainly works with (quality of management, crime rate, if the management works with felons).
    I would've been completely lost without Ty. With all the apartments and neighborhoods to choose from as well as not knowing much about the layout of Houston (good/bad/safe/unsafe areas) I would've been completely overwhelmed.
    Ty is great at what he does, he's extremely helpful, and produces what you request in an extremely timely manner.
    I would recommend him anyone looking for an apartment!

    thumb Charlotte S.