Tirey Counts

Realtor® and Certified Apartment Locator

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Ty Counts is an apartment locating legacy; he has apartment locating in his blood (literally). His mother, Ann Counts Heilman, started one of the original apartment locating companies back in the 1970’s. This was before cell phones, computers, the internet and even fax machines. As a child he saw his mother help thousands of people find housing. Never thinking he would go into the “family business” he left for Texas A&M to pursue a degree in accounting. In 1998 he asked his mother, “Do you think I would be a good apartment locator?” His mother answered, “Well, that only took 15 years!”

Since 1998, Ty has helped over 18,000 renters with their relocation needs. He has helped people in English, Spanish, Italian, French and even Mandarin Chinese. He has helped people as far north as Conroe, as far south as Galveston, as far west as Katy and as Far East as Baytown. Whether the client is looking to spend $500 OR $10,000 a month on rent, he gives the same awesome level of service. His philosophy on the rental market can be summed up in the following statement, “You can have whatever you are willing to pay for. And that is a function of the location of the property, the size of the unit and the age of the building.” Ty sees himself as a teacher. He has now been teaching renters to find the best place for their budget for 21 years.

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