What Does An Apartment Locator Do For Renters

Q: How does an apartment locator help me?
A: Apartment locators use their knowledge of the city, and first-hand experience with each apartment community to make informed recommendations to their clients. The apartment industry changes constantly. Existing properties are sold to new ownership, new properties are built, and pricing and specials change daily, all of which should influence your decision about where to live. Apartment locators talk to numerous properties every single day, which gives them an insight to the changes in the industry that will affect your decision.


Q: Who should use an apartment locator?
A: In my opinion everyone should use an apartment locator because even with all the online search tools available, a renter will never have the insight a locator does with daily interaction with apartment communities’ year after year. Our team has helped over 17,000 clients since 1998, it’s simply not possible for a renter to compete with that kind of experience. Our team will drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to find your apartment by offering informed recommendations. If you are busy or have no desire to spend hours on the phone or online trying to find an available apartment in your price range, please call our team today!


Q: Why should I use an apartment locator? Can’t I find an apartment myself?
A: There are lots of tools and apps you can use to search apartments by price and geographic area. An informed renter can make phone calls to obtain pricing and availability on their own. However, you will never have the insight we have because we talk to apartments every single day. We have relationships with leasing agents you do not have, and our experience of working with each management company will give you a back story of what to expect after you move in. Finding an available apartment within your price range and desired area is only the beginning, making sure you are living at property that takes care of their residents is critical to your happiness for the next year of your lease.


Q: When should I start looking for an apartment?
A: The apartments in Houston are currently experiencing very high occupancy rates, so 80% of the properties do not have an opening for your move in date. The best time to begin your search is 8 to 10 weeks in advance; starting your search early is critical.


Q: How much does it cost to use an apartment locator?
A: The fee is paid by the apartment owner, so there is no cost to the renter, but you do play a role. 80% of the apartments in Houston work with locators and offer us a fee or commission for placing a client at their property. The renter is responsible for telling the property that Apartment World recommend them and writing Apartment world on every piece of paperwork. This is how the properties quantify the commission and pay the invoice. Most properties do not call us when your lease is approved because they don’t want to violate privacy issues, so please make sure you let us know after your lease is approved so we can contact the property on your behalf.


Q: Do apartment locators have a certificate or a license?
A: Texas requires all apartment locators to have an active real estate license with the Texas Real Estate Commission. The license number for Apartment World is #0460314, and the broker of record is Tirey Counts. Ty also owns a successful real estate company, Monarch Real Estate which focuses on buying and selling residential homes. All the agents at Apartment World are also members of the National Association of Apartment Locators and must operate their business by their strict code of ethics.


Q: How do I find an apartment locator?
A: We recommend the following basic standards when evaluating an apartment locator and their service.

  • Is their Texas Real Estate License displayed on their website as required by law?
  • Are they members of the National Association of Apartment Locators and agreed to operate under a code of ethics?
  • Are they members of the National Association of Realtors? This is an optional accreditation for Realtors but offers additional assurances to the credibility of the company.
  • Have they been in business long enough to have first-hand knowledge of the apartments to make informed recommendations?
  • Do they have contact information on their website, or a blank contact form for you to fill out? – Providing a quality apartment locating service shouldn’t be anonymous. Please get in contact with our team however you prefer, phone, email or our contact form.