Shari B, Richardson TX

Ty is amazing! From my experience, most apartment locators just send an email with apartments that fit your criteria. Not Ty. He talks to you to find out what you’re looking for and gets specific. Then he provides matches but he knows which management companies are not good so he removes the apartments with those companies so you never even see them. Have questions along the way? Just call and he picks up or calls you back soon after. This locator earns his money! And he can help with houses for lease or purchase too. Highly recommended!

Karrie A, Houston TX

Ty is ABSOLUTELY the best locator in Houston. I first met him in 2011, when I was moving from Los Angeles to Houston. I had everything setup with management at the new apartment to make the move in as smooth as possible. At the last minute, there was a “hiccup” with my move in. Stressing out, I called Ty to tell him what I was told. He immediately called the apartment manager and got things squared away fast! He called me back later and let me know not to worry and have a good move in.

Ty is a really great guy who really cares about his clients. I recommend him to everyone I know in and moving to Houston.

Corey C, Cleveland OH

Ty was crucial for our apartment search. My wife and I are from out of town and the advice he gave about value and neighborhoods in Houston was invaluable. I learned a ton just talking to him on the phone about what prices would be based on and immediately felt like I had a better handle on the market. The lists he sends are detailed and easy to parse, regarding apartment size and availability. I tried using another similar service in Houston and it was hands off and the list of places was not nearly as thorough. I highly recommend using Ty.

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J.C., Houston TX

Ty was so amazing!!! I cannot say enough about how wonderful and professional he is. I needed to move immediately and Ty jumped right in and did all he could to secure me a wonderful apartment in the perfect part of town.  He is always available, very knowledgeable about the rental market and overall a super guy!  He was right on top of things and made sure that the apartments followed his instructions.

Do not use anyone else, you MUST use TY! He is absolutely the best!!

Ben T, Nashville TN

Ty was amazing! Could not have been a better experience working with him. The entire process was smooth, quick, and hassle-free. I highly recommend him if you’re looking for an apartment or house anywhere throughout the Houston area, he has an incredible knowledge of the city. I definitely plan on using Ty again next time.

Michael A, Chicago IL

I can’t say enough good things about Ty. We were looking for a very affordable one bed room apartment and at every point in the process I felt that I could communicate with him at almost any time. I also felt massively secure about any problems that arose during the process. He gave thoughtful advice and when the leasing office decided to wait until the final hour to get our application done Ty went to bat for us and the application got done. Ty’s highly experienced and was able to find a comprehensive list of apartments that fit our criteria. He was on our side every step of the way and I’d recommend him to anyone.

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